Door Access Security Control

Main Features

 Door Access Security Software

   ........1. Multiple doors are security controlled at a single networked PC.
............2. Each door has separate open/close parameters
............3. Each entrant has separate door access parameters.
............4. Separate open/close parameters for weekday, weekend & holiday.
............5. Instant access to standard data inquiries/reports. .
............6. Data is stored in open database for easy optional SQL reporting.
............7. Data can be used for attendance reporting.
............8. Easy install and setup
............9. Flexible design and IDS can provide custom solutions
...........10. Very cost effective door security system
           11, Operates with Windows, Linux and Mac PC's

            How Our door access solution compares with others
            1. Easy to install,  setup, and operate.
            2. Easy to maintain permissions on multiple doors via network PC or Internet access.
                 a) One screen that controls entire process. 
            3. Real time reporting, Who's is here capability. NO NEED to Download permissions and Upload activity.
            4. Door Access permissions can be maintain via file update.             
            5. 24X7 support available.
            6.  Can provide custom requirements to match customer needs

 Door Access Security Hardware

 Magnetic Locks Door Security Solution

An electromagnetic lock or electronic strike. The door lock  is released from the interior by a touch sensitive exit bar, pushbutton  or normal door hardware during door secured periods. The lock is released from the exterior by a vandal resistant slot scanner, keypad or proximity reader with the authorized release of magnrtic/strike  lock from the PC controller or supervisor override.

The  Door Security      
Access Control Layout.

               The Magnetic Lock and Release Components Barcode, Magnetic, or RF-ID
                    Proximity  RS232 RS485 TCP/IP Controller
door access with barcoding door access security
door access control
Magnetic Door Access Control

Electric Strike Door Security Solution

The door is normally closed and secured by a door lock set. The door is released manually from the interior during open and closed periods via door lock set. The door is manually released from the exterior during open periods using lock set handle and electronically opened during locked periods with an authorized swipe  at the controller.

Door Electric Strike   Lock Set
Barcode, Magnetic, RFID Proximity
RS232 RS485 TCP/IP Controller
door access control Door Access Control

Barcode door Access controller

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